In descending order from 1552 BC to present these are the names for Diabetes:

  • Polyuria 
  • Diabetes 
  • Diabetes Mellitus 
  • Juvenile Onset Diabetes Mellitus  -  Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus
  • IDDM - (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)
  • Diabetic  
  • Type 1 Diabetic - Type 2 Diabetic 
  • T1D - T2D (patient designated acronym's)

Recent added classifications:

  • Type 3 Diabetes (Alzheimer's)
  • Monogenic Diabetes - (Type 1, indicated by autoantibodies but insulin producing)
  • Type 1.5 (LADA) - Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults

Diabetes will probably prove to have as many manifestations as other critical illnesses like cancer. We do not promote changing of the name of the disease to escape the stigma associated with it as we know this does not work and due to lack of understanding causation may be an error until more is known about Diabetes.

Until scientific discovery reveals more we promote a re-education of the public to understand the serious nature of the disease.