Founded in 2011 and functioning since as an unincorporated nonprofit Diabetes Activist is the original, and only, clearinghouse dedicated to improving quality and quantity of life for those with Diabetes by providing resources from the best of all modalities currently available for dynamic outcomes. 

  • The only bias is that they must be specific to Diabetes physiology and optimal physical and emotional health, they must be effective and they must do no harm. The team draws these from the best options in the global arena and has tested all of them personally.

The organization also works to improve support available to those with Diabetes in their larger community for optimal outcomes through the following actions:

  • Collaboration with providers on ways to improve care for those with Diabetes.
  • Provision of resource information to those with Diabetes that improves outcomes (must show proof of success without harm).
  • Updating of public understanding through awareness campaigns and media coverage that reflect current and accurate information to improve support and mortality for people with Diabetes.


The team brings vast research, applied science and combined real time expertise from multiple sources and sciences to assist people with Diabetes, and those who care for them, to navigate their environment. They challenge the status quo, every day, for improved outcomes and better quality of life. They are people with knowledge, passion and Diabetes, working to assist others who are coming up through the ranks of warrior-ship to become masters of their own health destiny.