Gnosis; empowerment through Knowledge, is one tool in the dynamic toolbox of Diabetes Activist. We provide information that relates to Diabetes issues, but even more importantly, information that reveals the keys to maintaining health and preventing complications.

In medicine and science, ideas and facts change as new ones are revealed.  We choose our list based on it's ability to teach basic function, and their benefit to those with Diabetes in gaining health. 

This list will continue to grow as new books are discovered. Books in bold are Must Reads. Many times you can find them online inexpensively unless they are new releases.                                         If you have questions about the material contact us. Enjoy the read!


Function - Physiology - Lifestyle - Mental Health


Supplements - Nutrients (Food):

"Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it". David Brownstein MD - ISBN  9780966088236


"The Secret Life Of Mitochondria". Joseph L. Evans PhD  (contact me as this is a trade publication not in public release) 


"Acid & Alkaline". Herman Aihara - ISBN  091886044X


"Nourishing Traditions". Sally Fallon - Mary G. Enig PhD - ISBN  0967089735


"Nourishing Bone Broth: An Old Fashioned Remedy For The Modern World". Sally Fallon Morell - Kaayla T. Daniel


"Brain Maker". David Perlmutter MD, FACN, ABIHM -  Kristin Loberg - ISBN  100316380105


"Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness". Broda Barnes MD/Lawrence Galton - ISBN  069001029X


"Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome". James L. Wilson ND, DC, PhD - ISBN  1890572152


"The Great Cholesterol Myth". Johnny Bowden PhD CNS/Stephen Sinatra MD FACC - ISBN  9781592335213


"Into The Light". William Campbell Douglas II MD - ISBN  9962636272


"Change Your Genetic Destiny". Peter J. D'Adamo ND - ISBN  9780767925259


"What The Drug Companies Won't Tell You And Your Doctor Doesn't Know". Michael T. Murray ND - ISBN  9781416549338


"Why We Get Fat". Gary Taubes - ISBN  9780307595515


"The Case Against Sugar". Gary Taubes - ISBN 9780451493996


"Grain Brain: The Silent Truth About Wheat, Carbs, And Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killers". David Perlmutter MD, FACN, ABIHM - Kristin Loberg - ISBN  9780316234825


"Seeds of Deception". Jeffrey M. Smith - ISBN 0972966587


Mental Health - Family:

"Helping Children Cope With Separation and Loss".  Claudia Jewett Jarratt - ISBN  1558320512                                                             


"The Five Love Languages".  Gary Chapman - ISBN  139780802473158                                                                                                           


"The Five Love Languages of Children".  Gary Chapman - Ross Campbell - ISBN  139780802403476                                                                          


"The Five Love Languages of Teenagers".  Gary Chapman - ISBN  139780802473134