Meta T1D comes from the Psychology term and ancient Greek for "Above" or "Aerial View"   We chose it for our outreach organization to symbolize our ability to move beyond current thinking and treatment to better outcomes and health and vibrant living with Diabetes while doing no harm. We believe this happens when we gain a larger more encompassing view of the condition and how to work effectively with it.

Come and join Meta T1D from 7-8:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month for focus group fun! We will be sharing education, navigation, and optimal health information in an interactive environment that supports effective options for improved outcomes and vibrant Diabetes health. 

We will have periodic sessions to be determined by members that can include movies pertaining to optimal health and discussions around them or topics for focus chosen by members.

This will be education in the first half and discussion/problem solving in the second half of every meeting so bring your Sherlock hats and lets do some Diabetes magic!

As we are currently looking for an awesome site to host meetings, please contact below for current location:


Stay tuned Meta T1D blog coming soon!